How Do You Consider Yourself?

‘Consider yourself our mate, consider yourself part of the furniture… we don’t want to have no fuss, for after some consideration we can state; consider yourself one of us…’ Oliver!

Recently I was filling out a job application form when I got to a question that struck me. “Do you consider yourself disabled?’ Now if you know me you’ll know I have cerebral palsy, but you will also know that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to and just how stubborn I am. So I wrote ‘No’. I do not consider myself disabled; I don’t think about it, I have had this for my whole life so I don’t know any different, this is normal to me, I am normal to me.

The following question was ‘Have you a disability?’ in which I answered: “Yes”. I do have a disability, it’s mild but it’s there, again does not mean that I consider myself as a disabled person or any less capable than anyone else. Sure there are times and things I find difficult, but they are the opportunities to be creative and to find what ways work for me to achieve such difficulties. Things like putting a bra on, I can’t tie it on once it’s on my body, so I tie it beforehand then slip it on. Running too I’m not great at, but I don’t like running anyway so it’s a plus for me! I have found my own way in the world, which after all is everyone’s duty. We’re no different.

The last question was; ‘Have you answered these questions correctly?’ which I answered of course; ‘Yes’. These questions struck me as fascinating, how interesting that the employers want to know how I consider myself. It makes me think that it is of vital importance that we notice how we consider ourselves, because that is what the world perceives from us. It takes our information from us. We cannot be respected if we do not respect ourselves. So I ask you, how do you consider yourself? Think about it and if you don’t like the results, it’s up to you to change it. Look yourself in the mirror. You have you for the rest of this journey on earth. You might as well be its friend, hold its hand and head into battle together. Remember the world is watching and it’s waiting for you to soar.

I didn’t get that job, but really it gave me so much more. Mainly reminding me my job on this universe; to empower and inspire people, to reach out to everyone, and light up the world!

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No Internet??!!!! Feeling like a cave woman!

So yesterday, the day before All Hallow’s Eve the internet decided to take a vacation. It stopped, dropped and rolled right out of my life. Wifi had disappeared, and yes I could have gone to the Library or found another hotspot with some hope of providing me some google oxygen but instead I decided to take this as a sign.

An opportunity, no matter how sucky or annoying to experience life here in my house without internet, without the connection of my friends and family miles away. Without….YOUTUBE! Without the ever so clever procrastinating device that is the internet.

Which was so interesting because I had woken up with a to do list that all involved using the internet, a blog, emails to send, articles to research. With the sudden loss of internet gave me a sudden urge to get these things done. Which was a wonderful feeling. It’s interesting what we use to procrastinate with, and once it’s taken away the chores that need doing seem possible, seem doable, seem graspable.

Are there things that you are putting off? You may not even be consciously doing it, but by doing it they may lead you to your dreams? If you gave yourself the chance to get them done, don’t you think you’d feel better?

Just a thought.

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You are you.

You are a powerful, sexy, strong woman (/man) with the world at her/his feet. You are a Goddess/God so it is your right to have the magic of the Universe. It’s not only okay that things are going well; it’s meant to be. You are the light of the world, the rise of the sun and the moon of the night. The water flows so that you can drink. The earth rotates so that you can dance in all your glory.

It is not a coincidence that you have found yourself here; this is fate. What is deemed wrong or troublesome you know to be opportunity, to shine, to strengthen and to grow, nothing more or less.

Most of all your intrinsic uniqueness in all it’s perfect difference is needed, more than needed it’s essential. Shine your light, sing your song, spread your wings and share your sweet, sweet story.

(P.S.) More blogs coming soon 😀

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I went to see Glee The 3D Live In Concert Movie for the 3rd time in two days. Although I did go too early today and accidentally saw the last half hour of the previous showing aswell. You’re probably bored of me saying this but there is something special about Glee that stands apart from anything I’ve seen and it inspires me. It is about acceptance, about being different and embracing that difference, about peeling back the mask and shining from within.

After watching the concert movie three times now it still manages to give me goosebumps and I still tear up at my favourite parts. It brings me back to the concerts, standing amoung people like me, other rejects, misfits, losers, and freaks, people who also saw themselves on this show and realized their worth. And when all these people are brought together to celebrate their uniqueness, to celebrate not being alone, I can tell you it’s pretty powerful.

Yesterday two little girls were sitting close to me, very excited  waiting for the movie to begin. They turned to me and asked me three simple questions that left a pretty big impression. First one was: “What’s your passion?!” the second one was “What’s your dream house?” and the third one was “What’s your dream job?!”

Out of the mouth of babes, these ten year olds got straight to the point, and asked questions we should all be asking eachother and more importantly asking ourselves. You can learn so much about a person just by those innocent queries.

We all get so stuck in the little details and dramas of life that we lose focus of what we we want out of life, how we want to spend life and who we want to be in this life. It’s a very revealing exercise and I urge you all to do it. Cut through the crap, what’s your passion? What’s your dream house? And what’s your dream job?
If you want to really know someone you’ll find them in the answers and if you want to find yourself  these answers will be your path.

I highly recommend going to see glee the movie. If you want an example of what can happen when you follow your passion, when you find yourself and what an impact your light can make on the world, go watch the movie. Today there were three other people in the theatre; a mom, her daughter and the child’s friend, and the mom asked me ‘The girls want to dance and sing along, would you mind?’ and I replied ‘No! Please do!!!!’ so we celebrated together. And when we got to the song Born This Way, and I heard these little girls singing the lyrics my heart soared.

So I’ll be watching, why don’t you come join me, I’d love to share it with you and celebrate with you too!
In the meantime keep dreaming and never stop believing!

“My mama told me when I was young

We are all born superstars

She rolled my hair, put my lipstick on

In the glass of her boudoir

There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are

She said, Cause he made you perfect babe,

So hold your head up girl and you’ll go far

Listen to me when I say

I’m beautiful in my way……….


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Pull me out of the dark.

When I worked in Disney World in Florida, we were taught that we couldn’t give direct eye contact for more than 3 seconds at a time, that it was too powerful, too intense. We were then told to either look at their forehead or look away and back again.

I find eye contact to be an amazing opportunity to connect with another human being, whether that be a friend, a foe or a stranger. With it comes the invitation to share, to allow someone else into your world for that moment. Eyes are described as the windows to the soul, and I believe that when we let ourselves be seen through contact with another, we open up the curtains to our soul, so that the world is in contact with the soul. And what follows will always be powerful and intense, magical. We could all do with opening up the curtains, pulling down the blinds, cleaning the glass, opening up those beautiful windows for air. There’s no point living in the dark when the sun shines so bright outside.

I love the way eye contact is kinesthetic too, how it’s practically physical when someone catches your eye. I can’t see far away things without my glasses but I can tell when someone looks through my eyes, it’s as powerful as a pull or push, and in that moment I can see them. Yet it’s much stronger when I do have my glasses on, I find. For example at concerts; when I was at the glee concerts and one of them shared eye contact with me, it was like a shot of electricity or a firework through my body, and in that moment we’d share something, our whole life stories, the windows to our souls crystal clear. Every single time, even in a sky of eyes, they’d find mine and bam, I saw them, the real person and we connected.

Through eye contact you can convey so much, tell the other person, they’re not alone, tell them they understand, tell them you’ve been there too. Without saying a word there’s another human being you’ve touched without technically touching them.

My favourite ability with eye contact is to see people, really and truly see them, it’s an amazing effect when someone looks at you and sees you, no matter how invisible or insignificant one can feel, when someone sees you, it says, I see you, for all that you are. And that’s something pretty special.

Go out and make a difference, you may be surprised what something so small can do for another.

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Every word feels like a shooting star.

A butterfly flew into my room yesterday. At first I thought it was a moth, but no, it opened it’s wings to show off it’s beautiful red sparkly patterned wings and came straight to me before landing on my poster of San Francisco where it settled. I took this as a sign.

I’m part of a success team, which means every week I get to sit around a table with 4 other beautiful women and support eachother in quest to achieving our dreams, our goals, no matter how big or small. It’s such a positive, wonderful experience let me tell you, I finally feel as though I am in direct contact with my dreams, and I get to share with really special people, who have blossomed in front of me, goddesses in their own right. It’s exciting to watch dreams enfold for them just as much as I find my dreams just opening up for me.

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then when we summon the will they soon become inevitable

It’s a joy to focus on what is possible, I would recommend it to anyone, if you’re interested, visit

I was going to write a totally different blog, but this one wanted to be set free first, I believe everyone should have a chance to live the dream and surround themselves with dreamers. What are you waiting for?

Sweet, sweet dreams, Ciara 🙂

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Not Alone

There are times in life that bring gifts wrapped in disguise, in hurt, humiliation and heartache. In the moments of pain, hold on to any beauty there is, even if it’s only a speck. You will get through the horribleness, remember that,  and once through you are homebound.


Don’t be bitter, don’t lose hope, these gifts are always filled with an opportunity. I have been given this gift today, didn’t much like the wrapping but thankful for it’s purpose.

Help me remember even in the bleakest, darkest moments of our life; there are gifts to be discovered.


As I wrote this I looked to my left where a small white feather lay which made me smile. I hope in the moments of life that aren’t so pretty you too find a feather, to remind you, you’re not alone.

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Frail Foundation feeds to Fearless Flight.

Went for a walk with my mom along the pier today, the sun came out as we got out of the car (I suspect the glee CD we played being part of the reason the sun came out to play). Giving ample opportunity for my mother to take photos and for me, well to just be. As time seemed to fly away with us, I realized how precious these moments are, time when we can just be, time to stop and watch the waves, watch fishermen follow their passion, experience businessmen with their phones glued to their ear in constant stress even when in front of a cup of coffee they bought to ‘relax’. In this time I can be a witness, while still experiencing the world; feel the floor underneath my feet, the chair wrapping itself around me. I am in a busy coffee shop yet, I am not disturbed  by anyone, my mother sits reading, enough meditation practice to live in her own world too. This. This is where time stops.

Earlier I ventured out to stand on a piece of the pier where its foundation was visible, old, well loved and worn; the sea licked at it stubbornly. Standing on it, I first held onto the railing attaching my weight tto it like we were young lovers. As I became braver, I remembered moments of exquisite wonder where the shackles of my body and mind fell away leaving my soul to play (times like the past gleeful week). It was at this point that I let go of the railings and moved forward, now the only thing holding me up was the well-worn foundation beneath me, yet I was still standing, still safe, still successful in my intention to stay upright and dry!


In this and in life we all have times when we are on shaky ground, when we’re on soft ground and when we’re unsure of how long the ground will hold us up. But it’s at those times when we learn how to fly. And we can only fly when we find time to be; to grow our wings.

So off you go, young bird, find your wings and soar, let the foundation be your guide.



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Show up and Shine!

It’s funny what can happen when belief and intention come into play. Everything happens suddenly and with ease in the best way possible. Not always the way you expected it but always the perfect way.

Expectation is poison to intention, it gets in the way.  I have found that when I let go of the expectation, negative, positive and neutral, I leave room for intention to bloom, giving it permission to breathe and setting it free.

This week was full of wisdom about this that I learned from my own experience and through my friends’. I also believe that a good accompaniment to intention is a positive attitude. One doesn’t seem to need it when they believe but it does help bring it all into fruition  in the least painful way. We are all born superstars, we are all born with great power to use; magical things can happen. Nothing is too big or too small for intention, I have learned this through experience. I turn up and things happen, simple as!

Allow yourself to experience life, from the imprompto, impulsive, crazy, illogical decisions that make your heart sing.

Life is for the living.  Seven days ago,  I knew something good was going to happen, but I didn’t know just how good. I boarded a plane, seven days ago headed for Manchester to see a glee concert. I leave tonight (Thurs 30 June) having met, touched and talked to glee cast, my idols, heroes and rolemodels, shared with them a piece of myself in poetry and inspired them. I learve tonight having been a VIP to 3 concerts, travelled to Hogwarts (via station 9 3/4s), met countless beautiful people, flirted with famous people, saw Gyneth Palthrow in concert, experienced what it was like to have fans and realized my strength and power.

I leave today, a different person than I was seven days ago, a bigger version of myself, a lighter and brighter one, looking forward to the next adventure.

It was also a reminder that when I share my light I unconsciously give others permission to do the same! Remember it’s only in the darkest nights that we can see the stars and those stars lead us home, don’t expect to fail, have some faith in your ability to shine and when you do, just watch the ripple effect!

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Please Yourself

I started a new job recently, which has been a little challenging to say the least for a lot of reasons, which is good because in order to learn we must challenge ourselves right?! When challenges arrive, the universe always sends calvary to aid the hero, and this is what the Universe has been doing for me. Through my mother and tearful discussions with her, through fellow workers and through a discussion on Oprah today which gave me inspiration for today’s blog.

Geneen Roth, who is the author of ‘Women, Food and God was on, and Oprah read a quote from the book which resignated with me;

“Either you are willing to believe in kindness or you aren’t, you’ve got to be willing to believe you were put on this earth for more than your endless attempts to lose the same thirty pounds, once you begin treating yourself with the kindness that you believe only thin or perfect people deserve you can’t help but discover that love has not abandoned you after all”

And what I realized when I heard this is it is the same with my willingness to please people. This is been really difficult in my job, because I know after many years of discovering the keys to my best life; people pleasing is obsolete, it’s useless, it’s not possible, all I should focus on is pleasing myself. Yet that is and hasn’t been clear to me while I’m working under people. They have their own rules and regulations and I have been trying to fit my circular self into their trianglular slot and it’s just all difficult. Trying in general is difficult, it’s uncomfortable, time consuming and I have found, unhealthy. Yet people pleasing has been a habit, a pattern in my life, I have used for many many many years, since childhood, believing I needed to be something better than I was to please people.
So what I heard in that quote was ‘You’ve got to be willing to believe you were put on this earth for more than your endless attempts to please other people, and once you begin treating yourself with the kindness that you believe every other perfect person deserves you can’t help but discover that love has not abandoned you after all

It’s simple yet makes a lot of sense, it is so easy to give away your power, like you are nothing, a plastic bag drifting through the wind. We are way too quick to throw a blanket over our light, our spark, and let others shine brighter. But that spark, that fire is needed, so much more than the perceived ideal is.
Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’, I have to stop giving my consent to others. I have to stop looking in the mirror and being blind, only seeing blemishes and faults, we have been trained that loving oneself is being arrogant but it’s not, it’s neccessary in order to sparkle. Take a moment, and look in the mirror, see what other people see, see the real you, look into your eyes, down into your soul, and find your worth. It might surprise you how beautiful it is you really are.

Stop following in other people’s footprints, find your own way, don’t throw your life away in discomfort misery trying, stop before you pass it on to your children, your dogs, to strangers all around you, it is all energy, an everyday legacy. And if you already have, start again. Today is a new day, today is your day. You are the captain of your ship, this is your life, no one else is in charge. Even though I follow rules and regulations in this job, I am still the strong, powerful woman I have always been, I am in charge of my destiny, of my moment, of my energy. My manager does not control me, I control me, all I can do is to be the best Ciara I can be, this is the only thing I can be without hurting myself. And the truth is, I was hurting myself trying trying and trying to please people, what I learned was I was pushing past what was possible for me, so focused on pleasing someone else, I stopped pleasing myself. I stopped trusting myself to just be and I let others dictate my power.

The truth is I am whole as I am. I am not four years old, the manager can not hurt me, I need not be afraid to just be, there is no reason to be scared, there is no worse case scenario that can hurt me, the only bad thing that could happen is in the pursuit of pleasing others I lose the person within, the person I truly am.

This is true for everyone, are you giving your power away unneccessarily? Blaming otthers yet pleasing them all the same? Trying to be something you are not? Look after that four year old inside of you, she (or he) is perfect, worthy and needed, she does not need to try, she just is, why would you want to make her better? Be kind, you were put on this earth for more than kissing ass!

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