So I started up this blog again with the sole purpose of doing it again, and with the greatest intentions then life got in the way. I hesitated coming back into the blog because then I would have to face and own my “failings” of not doing what I set out to do but here I am. 

I also did not want to come back on this because Christmas was a bit rubbish really, and I in my usual fashion am all happy clappy and moral and shit and right now life is a bit shit so I’m not up to faking it. So here we are if you’re feeling a bit shit, if your Christmas was a bit shit, if family relationships don’t come out of an Argos catalogue, and your direction in life is a bit all over the place, then hello, welcome to your sister. Welcome to a place where there’s no pressure to feel perfect or happy or like we’ve got our shit together because I certainly don’t. And I’m miserable and want to cry. So join me on this messy journey and comment below if you want to vent, but you’re safe here in your feelings of shit and you’re allowed to feel them as long as you want. Because I know there’s no magical bandage or perfectly penned quote to sum up your feelings and make it all feel better. And I know this somehow will all get better but for now it’s not, and that’s okay. 

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