Wonderful Wednesday/Thanksgiving Thursday

Happy Wonderful Wednesday! Yes I know it’s Thursday…. yes I’m only doing the blog now, and I’m grateful that I can! Isn’t technology grand?! Not only can I be sensible (when have I ever been that?! So boring?!!) and write the blog before Wednesday and have it timed to post on the day, but  I get to chat with my dearest friends from all over the world and see their beautiful faces live in the same very moment, how wonderful is that? 


Skype call with the squad!

You know what I’m also grateful for? That Wednesday is over! Yesterday was a hard day, and sometimes it’s okay if the only thing good about it at the end of the day is the ending! But have you ever noticed that when things don’t work out something else beautiful and precious and glorious is given to make up for it. That is what made Wednesday, yesterday wonderful to me. I had a moment in all the horrendous chaos to literally stop and watch the sun set on the day. 

If things had gone right and perfectly I would have missed it, I would never have even taken that moment, I wouldn’t have even noticed it, and isn’t that quite swell?! So maybe in turn Wednesday was wonderful after all. How was your Wednesday? What made it wonderful? Let me know and let’s share the joys. 

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1 Response to Wonderful Wednesday/Thanksgiving Thursday

  1. Mairead says:

    Love the photos!

    I got to do stuff this Wednesday that used to scare me! I am well capable… it turns out!

    Thank you for asking x

    Sent from my iPhone


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