Hello my loves!


Long time no write! How are you? Hope you’re all been keeping well! I am back and ready to give you postcards from my life little tidbits each week that I can slot in your life and hopefully give you a smile or laugh. Your friendly little Irish leprechaun and her great adventures with fitted sheets and fangirls! My current exciting life is this: laying on my bed watching Christmas24 channel loving life after eating a doughnut that I am now wearing all over my top and trying to gather all my energy to have a shower while struggling with a head cold, thrilling eh?! But it’s real and that is what I promise to give you.

I love writing, I need to write so here I put up a commitment and if it’s in writing and given to you I may stick to it more than pretending to myself, making it public will push me to own it so here we go! 

Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays is what I’m hoping so we shall see! Hang in there with me and hope for the best. Maybe just maybe we can go on this journey together, if there are activities or opportunities you are putting off or resisting, let’s hold each others hand and walk on to the fire together. I have no idea how it’s going to go but I quite like not knowing, less control, it’s a bit messy, bit fly by the seat of my pants and impulsive, a bit more me! So let’s be messy together, give yourself a break if you’re waiting for the perfect moment or waiting to perfect yourself or something else, stop it and let’s be messy together. Or even just watch me be messy and find my way through this crazy whirlwind I call life! 


There’s nothing I love more than cozying up on a Sunday with comfort food, something lovely on the television and something crafty and creative in my hands. Whatever I choose to do on a Sunday I make sure that it’s a comfort day. It’s all too easy to think about Monday, work, school, deadlines, pressure, stress. And there goes my Sunday, there goes my weekend and I’m already in the Monday blues before it’s even struck 6am on my Monday alarm. 

So here’s my plan, there are 6 more Sundays left in the year, 6 more opportunities to find some peace, to leave Monday firmly where it is meant to be. It’s too easy to have a lovely Friday evening and Saturday and then hate Sunday due to Monday blues. So here it is. Self Awareness Sunday, Self Love Sunday, Self care Sunday, self regroup Sunday, Self esteem Sunday and Self restoration Sunday . I am taking back Sundays, join me if you would like or follow my journey into 2019 on my Instagram @creatively_ciara and here: as I do mini progress reports.

I find I can always lose myself in the middle of the week, propelling my thoughts and heart into the weekend or being stuck on Monday stresses still. I’m never truly present to enjoy and take stock of Wednesday, right slap bang into my week, I always thought Wednesday was wonderful as a teen, we finished at 1pm in my secondary school then the school play rehearsals began, those rehearsals were the very best memories I have of school, a time I put my heart, passion and soul into so imagine all that positive energy into a day?! I want that back, I want to turn my ordinary Wednesdays back to extraordinary! Therefore I am renaming them Wonderful Wednesdays, which I will pop on to a blog and give you a positive, grateful post to brighten up our midweek humdrum. Let’s do it together? 

And then Mondays? Mondays can be full of blues but I am choosing to fill them with motivation and production, it’s the start of the week people let’s make the week count, once a week I will join you to get inspired, empowered and motivated for the week ahead, and maybe just maybe you will too. I also want to be more productive in my creative endeavors, and join the red bubble world if anyone knows how to upload images onto redbubble let me know? Currently trying to figure that one out and would love creative help as graphic designing is not my forte. 

So that’s it lovelies, let’s see what happens! There’s hope in a promise, there’s hope in a possibility, there’s hope in risking being messy, risking being real, risking being open and saying hey world this is me! So HEY WORLD, THIS IS ME! Nice to meet you 😊

With Love, Ciara 

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