Making the Journey

There is a voyage that a Hero goes through in their life, Joseph Campbell called it the Hero’s Journey. And this journey can produce many small Hero’s journeys along the way. It starts with a call to answer. This call is a choice, a decision to make; to stay in the ordinary world or go on an adventure to the extraordinary world.

The ordinary world is safe, gentle, it’s easy and comfortable. There is no risk here ad is probably boring! Whereas the extraordinary world is exciting and full of wonder! It’s way way outside the Hero’s comfort zone. It is stepping into the unknown and walking into the darkness to hopefully find something they never knew existed. Sure the whole idea to an adventurous soul is intriguing, the extraordinary world is also scary, daunting and possibly dangerous too. It is an enchanted forest.
But there lies the choice, the call to answer for our protagonist; to step into the extraordinary world or stay in the ordinary world.

‘When we get to the end of all the light we know and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one or two things shall happen. Either we will be given something solid to stand on or we will be taught how to fly.’

The hardest work for the hero on this journey is usually done in making the decision, the choice to walk away from security and comfort and enter the big extraordinary world, the road less travelled. Or to stay put. Neither decision is right or wrong, it is all about timing. It is possible that the hero needs to stay in the ordinary world to learn a lesson or gain a tool they will need out in the extraordinary world, such as courage or faith, even gaining confidence can help the hero when their footing can become shaky. And what feels wrong now does not mean it’ll feel wrong later once the call comes again, because it will. It just may be a more scenic route next time.

Either choice is neither wrong nor right. It is what it is. It s the Hero’s choice, their decision. No one can Mae the choice for them, nobody can decide the reasons why they made the choice. The hard work is accepting the choice and taking responsibility for it, it’s in accepting the consequences of the decision, understanding the fears and forging ahead anyhow., and accepting and relishing, celebrating in the rewards that this inevitably brings and learning the lessons it will throw at you.


A wise magical guide or helpers will appear along the road when deciding on the cal. These are not there to take the responsibility off the hero but to encourage and remind them of their own tools within them in order to answer the call. All they have to do is use them, and listen to their own wisdom.

Look at your favourite movie, book or favourite story, can you see the Hero’s call to answer, their hardship in deciding the choice to make. Is it obvious what lay behind the the decision they make. Is it possible they are telling you something? Could it be possible that our favourite heroes are merely our magical helpers in disguise?

Something to think about perhaps. Enjoy your journey, happy choosing!

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  1. maireadhennessy says:

    Nice one honey 🙂

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