Be Passionate.

‘Without passion you cannot succeed’ Santana on Glee.

Today I had an interview toward my dream. It was a gateway to one of the paths on my journey, a hero’s call and I answered. We do not have to answer, many times we don’t, many times we ignore the call, many times we answer and say no. But today for this call, I responded and went with it. It’s funny how some swerves in the road can seem so tailormade for you that you wonder were you always meant to take this scenic route, get lost, run out of petrol and land here, exactly where you were always meant to be, chez Ciara or chez you.

Today I had the opportunity to inspire people, and I saw the ripple effect almost immediately, passion returned to the room tenfold and the place was lit up with possibility.

Whichever way this scenic stopoff leads me, whoever I meet on this restplace I know it will take me on an adventure of a lifetime, that I am certain will have me arrive at my destination. There’s a whole lot of magic in believing. There’s a whole lot of productivity in passion. When we are passionate, the sky is the limit, there is a fire burning within that is driving everything. If you are passionate about what you are doing, where you are going, how you are doing it then you cannot but succeed, passion has intent. Let what drives you drive you.

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1 Response to Be Passionate.

  1. Hi Ciara,
    This is a lovely post and your journey has all the passion of being on a Heros Journey. Yes, I think we were all designed to take the ‘scenic route’ as you so beautifully put it, that way we don’t miss much as we are so present to what is going on in this fabulous world. What a lovely reminder that rather than being stuck in the monkey mind…to take the scenic route instead, and what a route!

    I’m glad your life is unfolding so beautifully.


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