Short Story :)

This is what a half hour in Starbucks will do Just a short story I wrote today & I thought I’d share. Follow your heart, it’ll lead you places you’ve never imagined.

The One That Got Away
I looked into the fire and disappeared, the flames danced in their autumn parade of light, licking the coal, slowly turning it to dust. Left alone in the room I was free to communicate with myself, the past came back with the doubts and the thoughts to tease and torment me.

It was a cold night in the middle of summer, I pulled at my white flimsy nightgown, it barely went past my knees yet I yearned for them to be covered, wrapped up, tangled up in the familiar sequence of skin. Momentarily, I tried blinking, hoping the action would deliver it, him, you to me. But nothing. Nothing but the welcome breeze of the fan, I had no intention of stopping, even though it was well into the midnight hours.

The ghost of your hand slipped its way around my waist as I lay rehashing the memories of yesterday. We had danced in each others’ light, drank up the energy between us, and fed on our joy. When our eyes collided, the world refused to spin and in that moment I knew your eyes were the only ones I ever wanted to fall into.

Soft passion spoke greatly to a lost heart looking for healing. This was what people dreamed about, what fairytales consisted of. It was what I had always promised myself in finding. All of earth’s problems were solved in the sound of your laughter and all my problems ceased to exist as I tripped over myself and you used your angel hands to catch me, taking my heart with it. In the months that followed, we were magnets drawn together time and time again. It was only a matter of time, I saw my future in your eyes, your smile, the way you spoke to me, a tone solely reserved for me. I delighted in our discussions. No more were we two bodies but one housing two content souls. I had every notioon that my search was over, that you were mine. I was wrong.

My heart not only broken, but ripped apart at the seam, right where the stitch that held us together lay. I could read your eyes better than my own; I knew it was done, the fairytale over, another girl had won.

Orange, red, blue and yellow flames came together in a cascade as the fireplace was brought to life. The dust resettled and I breathed a sigh of relief. What was done, was done. My heart repaired itself, it had to; I was too full of love for it to go to waste. Dreams had to be rediscovered, renamed, unwoven.

Yes, the ghost of your lips whispering into my ear, the sparkle of your vampire skin, the warmth of your aura still played chords to the pricks in my heart, even tonight as I lay there awake, hoping to once again feel that way. To innocently and wholeheartedly fall into love, without question or worry, to naively know when love is love. What a gift it was to hold if only momentarily. That is the hope, the dream, the goal of my soul.

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