Dare to Dance in The Rain

‘Like a bird with broken wings, it’s not how high he flies but the song he sings.’

It’s the beginning of a new year, and not just any year, it’s 2012. For many that is the year of the end, the year of the change, the year when the world is caput. For me, it’s a year where dreams come true that people never even imagined possible, where eyes are open onto greater heights and when hope comes alive.

I went to see New Year’s Eve with my friend which it was such a special treat, not just because of the beautiful movie, but being with such a gentle angel that this friend is. You see angels come in all shapes and sizes with different stories to tell. It reminds me of the quote,

‘friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another ‘what! you too? I thought I was the only one!‘C.S.Lewis

My sweet friend lives with three other beautiful angels that have graced my life this year who’ve charmed their way into my heart and soul. Who have taught me what it is to be true to yourself and how vitally important that is. I’ve only known them a short while now and yet I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

And it wasn’t until I was truly being true to myself that I found them. So why should I feel anything but full of hope for this year, for I know whatever happens I will either be given something solid to stand on or I will be taught to fly. It is in the choice to dance in our uniqueness, to raise our freak flag, to show the world our ways that we are rewarded by finding similar souls waiting for us.

My hope for you this year is that courage is your friend and you take this opportunity to let the world be warmed by your light and that you are graced by angels just like mine.

Happy Happy New Year!

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1 Response to Dare to Dance in The Rain

  1. Lusi says:

    Beautiful Inspiring Perfect – just like YOU – I am Blessed to have you Sweet Kalliope

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