Inspired Awakening

I haven’t been sleeping very well, in fact over the last few nights, I’ve been tossing and turning till way past four am, and woken a few hours later exhausted and frustrated ready for work. It would be annoying except that I was told once that when great minds can’t sleep it’s because something big is about to happen. Today, Thursday 24th of November, Thanksgiving Day for all intents and purposes I was inspired.
I have been working on this story since the beginning of summer; I spent a good two months delving into this world, meeting the characters and following them on their journey. But that had been just the backbones to the story. I was writing the story for a script, not really interested in the descriptive world, I was writing it for a purpose that had nothing to do with the story or my characters. I was detached. So of course my inspiration ran dry, the characters found out and were not interested in someone who did not have their best intentions at heart. So I put it away for a while, safe in a notebook and never got to write the script. I got busy.
Now that I am in Wales, studying and being immersed in reasons to be inspired, my course actually encourages inspiration, I am being bombarded with stories and characters that are fighting their way to the surface, some have arrived onto paper, others are waiting their turn. I’m finding it really interesting that life seems to take care of itself. And once it knows what your passion is it dedicates itself in helping to arrange that for you. For instance my part time job, which is the perfect job for me, as I get to meet people, I get to talk to people, to be inspired by people, but yes my part time job gives me shifts that finish many times at two pm. This in my thinking is the perfect time to go to the cinema. And it just so happens Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn has been out this month, perfect timing. I have indulged my imagination and inspiration and have gone to see it four times so far, since last Friday. There is method to my madness, along with the joy in reuniting with the characters from the book, and escaping from the world from a couple of hours, each time I see it, I notice something different, first time was the story, second time was the cinematography, third time was the cast, and the production design of sets and the fourth time was the characters themselves, the relationships they had with each other, the way they were represented. It all inspired and spoke to me.
Then for more serendipitous activity I came home to find the book I had ordered from The Book Depository had arrived. Now you should know that I am a slight nerd when it comes to books, I love them, I love hardback books, and special editions and pretty ones with stories and most of all I love special edition books about the creative writing process of a series of books that I happen to love written by the author herself and interviewed by another author. Yes I happened upon this book while I was window shopping in Waterstones last week after my class. The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide. It’s quite beautiful in hardback, with shiny letters on a black background, and heavy with small writing. Completely and utterly indulgent. The only problem was it was seventeen pounds. Even for a beautifully bound book I thought this was too expensive; living as a student and finding hidden treasure coves such as the 99p store and Poundland, I have come to use money in a different way, in a more creative way. So on the way home from the book shop I went online to The Book Depository website, a fantastic website that sells books for cheaper with free shipping. But the internet on my phone isn’t the greatest most likely because I walk fast when it’s dark and uphill, probably not the best environment for encouraging a network. I got home eventually and straight away got on my laptop to find this magical book. Low and behold it was listed with a photograph and only five pounds!!!! Awed by the universe, I researched it with a fine tooth comb, after holding the hardback copy I was not prepared to buy a paperback, cheap unofficial copy; this had to be the real one. Eventually my search told me there was nothing wrong with it and no catch, so I took the dive and ordered it.
So today it came, and it’s even more beautiful, because it is mine and it was cheaper and it really is heavy, with red inlays, black covers and cream pages. Did I mention I was a nerd? You underestimated me didn’t you? 😉
Anyhow so I was celebrating Thanksgiving over skype and twitter with my friends all over the world, being very thankful and feeling very blessed while reading my book. When something happened, as I started reading the authors’ conversation I became more and more inspired and encouraged to go back to my story, to revisit those characters, they were ready to trust me again. I got to page 18 and suddenly had to abandon the book and twitter to pour the story from within me onto my phone’s notebook. Characters’ coffee orders and favourite clothes shop were being given to me, and soon more characters came to play, adding in their two cents, I am falling into the story. There is a need to write it, to follow where it’s taking me, not to write a script but to open the floodgates to this world and see where it takes me, and let me tell you that’s a much more enjoyable endeavour.
My message to you on this beautiful night is, don’t second guess yourself or your body, there was a moment I wanted to just sleep but if I had maybe I would have missed the sign, and there was a moment I hesitated in ordering the book because I didn’t think I should be buying something for myself so close to Christmas. Just go with the flow, let your creativity out, be inspired, you never know where it will take you.

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