No Internet??!!!! Feeling like a cave woman!

So yesterday, the day before All Hallow’s Eve the internet decided to take a vacation. It stopped, dropped and rolled right out of my life. Wifi had disappeared, and yes I could have gone to the Library or found another hotspot with some hope of providing me some google oxygen but instead I decided to take this as a sign.

An opportunity, no matter how sucky or annoying to experience life here in my house without internet, without the connection of my friends and family miles away. Without….YOUTUBE! Without the ever so clever procrastinating device that is the internet.

Which was so interesting because I had woken up with a to do list that all involved using the internet, a blog, emails to send, articles to research. With the sudden loss of internet gave me a sudden urge to get these things done. Which was a wonderful feeling. It’s interesting what we use to procrastinate with, and once it’s taken away the chores that need doing seem possible, seem doable, seem graspable.

Are there things that you are putting off? You may not even be consciously doing it, but by doing it they may lead you to your dreams? If you gave yourself the chance to get them done, don’t you think you’d feel better?

Just a thought.

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