Frail Foundation feeds to Fearless Flight.

Went for a walk with my mom along the pier today, the sun came out as we got out of the car (I suspect the glee CD we played being part of the reason the sun came out to play). Giving ample opportunity for my mother to take photos and for me, well to just be. As time seemed to fly away with us, I realized how precious these moments are, time when we can just be, time to stop and watch the waves, watch fishermen follow their passion, experience businessmen with their phones glued to their ear in constant stress even when in front of a cup of coffee they bought to ‘relax’. In this time I can be a witness, while still experiencing the world; feel the floor underneath my feet, the chair wrapping itself around me. I am in a busy coffee shop yet, I am not disturbed  by anyone, my mother sits reading, enough meditation practice to live in her own world too. This. This is where time stops.

Earlier I ventured out to stand on a piece of the pier where its foundation was visible, old, well loved and worn; the sea licked at it stubbornly. Standing on it, I first held onto the railing attaching my weight tto it like we were young lovers. As I became braver, I remembered moments of exquisite wonder where the shackles of my body and mind fell away leaving my soul to play (times like the past gleeful week). It was at this point that I let go of the railings and moved forward, now the only thing holding me up was the well-worn foundation beneath me, yet I was still standing, still safe, still successful in my intention to stay upright and dry!


In this and in life we all have times when we are on shaky ground, when we’re on soft ground and when we’re unsure of how long the ground will hold us up. But it’s at those times when we learn how to fly. And we can only fly when we find time to be; to grow our wings.

So off you go, young bird, find your wings and soar, let the foundation be your guide.



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