Show up and Shine!

It’s funny what can happen when belief and intention come into play. Everything happens suddenly and with ease in the best way possible. Not always the way you expected it but always the perfect way.

Expectation is poison to intention, it gets in the way.  I have found that when I let go of the expectation, negative, positive and neutral, I leave room for intention to bloom, giving it permission to breathe and setting it free.

This week was full of wisdom about this that I learned from my own experience and through my friends’. I also believe that a good accompaniment to intention is a positive attitude. One doesn’t seem to need it when they believe but it does help bring it all into fruition  in the least painful way. We are all born superstars, we are all born with great power to use; magical things can happen. Nothing is too big or too small for intention, I have learned this through experience. I turn up and things happen, simple as!

Allow yourself to experience life, from the imprompto, impulsive, crazy, illogical decisions that make your heart sing.

Life is for the living.  Seven days ago,  I knew something good was going to happen, but I didn’t know just how good. I boarded a plane, seven days ago headed for Manchester to see a glee concert. I leave tonight (Thurs 30 June) having met, touched and talked to glee cast, my idols, heroes and rolemodels, shared with them a piece of myself in poetry and inspired them. I learve tonight having been a VIP to 3 concerts, travelled to Hogwarts (via station 9 3/4s), met countless beautiful people, flirted with famous people, saw Gyneth Palthrow in concert, experienced what it was like to have fans and realized my strength and power.

I leave today, a different person than I was seven days ago, a bigger version of myself, a lighter and brighter one, looking forward to the next adventure.

It was also a reminder that when I share my light I unconsciously give others permission to do the same! Remember it’s only in the darkest nights that we can see the stars and those stars lead us home, don’t expect to fail, have some faith in your ability to shine and when you do, just watch the ripple effect!

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