Gather your wings before flight.

I printed twenty eight photos of my favourite things today, I’m waiting at a lovely coffee shop filled with chatter, excitement, vent and joy at sharing their news with someone else. There’s not many people here yet they all seem to be with people and their communication is louder than the so called background music, I don’t know if you could call this rock-dance-jazz mashup calming but who am I to judge?

There’s a woman opposite me whom encompasses calm, she’s reading a book, taking life in, while ignoring life around her. She and I are sisters in that moment. Everything else is chaos yet when I feed into her energy it all becomes quiet. It’s funny what energy can do, what a ripple effect it can make, what can change if we simply just breathe. I’m waiting for the photos to print, another test in patiene, should really get it all out of my system huh! It’s always good to keep pushing oneself, keep me moving towards my dreams.
I wonder what my life will be life in a month? In two months? In three? Where will I be? Who will I be? The not knowing, the unknown should scare me and yet  I am not afraid. I laugh at my ingrained rules of should. I trust myself and I believe in myself now. I can do anything I put my mind to and I can soar!

The cafe has suddenly quietened where the background music is louder than the chatter and my friend has left, served her purpose with her energy. Isn’t it fascinating how much of a difference we can make with just being. We serve the world with allowing ourselves to be. Go out and change the world, just by breathing and being. Watch the difference enfold before you.

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1 Response to Gather your wings before flight.

  1. Mountain Goat says:

    Go butterfly-girl!

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