The dog days are over!

Well my little butterflies, I am definitely sparkling!!
I have a few exciting posts for you that I will be posting in the next while but first I wanted you to read this. Today I woke up feeling a bit miserable, a familiar state when I sleep too long (till 11am) and my hair stands up like proud bed hair etc, but instead of wallowing in the misery I had a choice to make, I could lie there and pull on sweat pants and  baggy jumper and watch television all day or I could do something different! It’s as simple as that, we have choices but sometimes they are hidden, seemingly unimportant that after making them can be a ripple in the effect of your day.

So what did I do? I put on a dress, a bright red summer’s dress that always makes me feel like my true self. Oprah said always wear clothes that makes you feel alive. Then instead of looking in the mirror and bashing my sleepy eyes and miserable hair, I brushed my hair, carefully with love and then smiled at myself and from that point it was and has been a good day.

I shouldn’t be surprised really but things seem to be falling into place for me today, and I feel alive, and beautiful and worthy of success, of love and of life. I watched a few videos of The Work by Byron Katie, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, google her. Her four simple questions can change ingrained truths that may not in fact be true, such as the person I saw in the mirror before I made the choice, ‘I am unloveable!’

First question: Is that true? No, of course not,

2) Can you absolutely know that it’s true? No, I can’t.

3) How do you react, what happens when you believe that thought? I feel miserable, I don’t love myself, I feel unworthy and miserable and icky!

4) Who would you be without this thought? I would be free, I would be free, confident and able to love, and shine and truly be me, I would feel on top of the world and capable, and worthy!

Then turn around the concept: I am unloveable!: I am not unloveable, I am loveable! I am able to love!
Then give three examples of why this is true.

Because I am worthy of love, because I have many friends and family that already love me and I love to love.

It’s amazing what a difference questioning can do to our thoughts, what are you thinking right now that can be questioned? What’s imprisoning you? Do you have a choice to make? Enjoy discovering the truth, it can change your whole day!

Remember, smiling uses less muscles than frowning 🙂 Close your eyes and leap, you might just defy gravity.

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