Show the world

“Keep on loving life” “Keep showing the world how it’s done and I’ll follow your lead”. My heart hurts a bit today, I had to say goodbye to a dear, dear beautiful friend of mine. She flies back to the States tomorrow. Her year long Irish adventure finished, a new chapter about to begin. It’s sad because I’m going to miss her but I know it will be okay because I was blessed with the time I had to get to know her, precious time and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

I believe we are sent guides to help us on our journey, she was one for me, although she’s too humble to agree to that. But she has taught me so much through just being her and I don’t doubt that that will continue even continents apart. Her light is infectious and illuminating like fireworks. I can say that the world is a better place because she’s in it. I cannot be selfish, she needs to go spread that joyful light elsewhere. No matter what, I can smilel and say that she is my friend and we had many many great times together.  She made an impact on me and at times when I get lost around Dublin or get flustered making decisions or start to feel sorry for myself I know I’ll hear her strong, calming voice giving me the courage to carry on. Because that’s what happens with people we care about, we carry them with us. Through her friendship I also got the opportunity to get to know Danielle, who is a treasured, beautiful soul and will go far in this world. Last night was a beautiful, sparkly celebration to say farewell and in the morning I was given the opportunity to say goodbye to her and it was lovely. As I cry these tears I’m happy that it happened, happy for her that she’ll be okay and she gets to go home and grateful for the gift of her friendship.

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