Gain through Pain, making a tower from Power!

I let my mind play tricks on me last night, it scolded me, got me into a submissive state and left me for depression. Lucky for me I was on skype with my wonderful friend Crystal who distracted me with her joy and literal glee. Everyone shsould have a friend like her, we live very much in the moment, are impulsive and get up to many adventures. Even though we live countries apart we can sing to the top of our voices while on the phone with eachother (skype is wonderful). We can vent to eachother and go through rough parts together weathering the storm. It is a blessed experience to share the load with someone and I’ve not always had that in my life. So if you don’t, don’t worry, someday you will, hang in there while you weather it alone and heck if you need company take me along, I’m always up for a roadtrip! And for those lucky enough to experience friendship, congratulations, enjoy it!

I find that a good sing-song, dance, writing session and sleep can do wonders to combatting getting stuck in the mind. Today everything seems clearer, brighter and more possible. I’m reading a lovely book about communicating with the animals (go ahead and have your smart comments then leave or get through your own issues and keep reading, your choice) anyway so it’s taught me a lot about how to deal with animals. I tried the technique with the dog I’m minding last night. She’s been using the house as a litter tray the past few days and I’m just getting tired of it. According to the book when dogs do that it means they’re unhappy/miserable about something so I mixed a bit of Dog Whisperer (Go watch the show) psychology and communication together; used my hand as a bite to show her she was not to do that, I call the shots not her and told her her people were coming home soon, I understand her feelings but I’d appreciate it if she didn’t go to the toilet inside, that it wasn’t pleasant, just wait for me if that wasn’t too much trouble.

So in I go this morning with paper towels just in case. I was desperately hoping though that I wouldn’t find anything and there was nothing! No smell, no mess, no little gift waiting for me! It was quite incredible, it was wonderful. I let her out, thanking her and left. Then I received another text from…(haha I wrote test by accident, and yes its true i received another test) thee friend saying she was on her way to see the dog, so I simply replied ‘Enjoy’. Today is a new day. She doesn’t botther me today, it’s nothing to do with me, each to her own, chacun se goute (Yeah I probably spelled that wrong but hey so sue me!)

When I have a moment, or when I need to speak I’ve found a way of expressing myself through something other than writing and it seems to be working for me. I’m drawing/doodling with markers making these pieces of art on card. I just feel it through and see what comes out. It’s a good kinesthetic cathartic process. And fun too!

So if you get down in the depths of your mind, surround yourself with joy. Be active in finding things/activities/people that will take you from your mind into your body. Even when there’s no one around to hear you scream, your scream is important. Express yourself, offer it up. Be a phoenix and rise from the ashes. The greatest artists out there have used their pain to create their greatest works. I know you have it in you! Enjoy sparkling.

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