Live a little

Dream BIG! This is one of life’s finest treasures. Considering the power of thought and intentions you’d think people would be more open to dreaming and dreaming as big and as bold as their hearts sing.

Yet often fear comes into play, doubt, insecurity, all of them are knives into the wonderful bubbles of dreams. It’s happened to me many times, where I get impatient with a dream not occuring as quickly as I want it to and then my mind takes over, negative thoughts attacking, fear making me put the dream aside to protect myself, which is all really stupid. These are the obstacles, the thresholds to the dream. I promise you child, once you conquer these guardians you can reach the stars. Therefore achieving and succeeding in following your dreams can be a piece of cake.

Many people because of this, dream small hoping to achieve nice things but not put too much risk in it so as to protect themselves from getting hurt (all too often after experiencing this hurt before).

What I think to them is phish-posh! What’s the fun in letting your head rule instead of your heart? I’d rather get hurt than dodge true happiness. “Let me feel, I don’t care if I break down, let me fall even if I hit the ground. And if I cry a little, die a little, at least I know I’ve lived just a little”. Perfect lyrics for this by Bethany Joy Lens Galeotti (Hayley in One Tree Hill).

A couple of my friends are worried about a crush that I’ve developed on Chord Overstret from Glee. (Google him, you won’t be disappointed!). They mention  (not very subtly bless them) how as long as I keept it just a crush, it’ll be fine, no seriousness, that we live in different countries, its not plausible, blah blah blah. All being lovely friends trying to keep me out of harm’s way. Knowing how hurtful it was the last time I fell in love. I try to reassure them it’s just a crush, let me enjoy dreaming about him. Yet I’m reassuring them for them, I’m fine. I look back on my pain and I’m grateful for it. Being so in love was a beautiful feeling, everything felt so magical and possibilities were endless. I felt so alive. And yes, it didn’t exactly turn out the way I thought it was meant to but it ran its course perfectly and was such a gift. Even in the letting go, which really was what all the pain was about; letting go of the dream, I became more powerful. stronger. And it opened different doors to me. He would have suited the old Ciara of rules and regulations better, and enabled my passive side. I can now see differently and that would not have happened  had it not ended.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and if I had the opportunity to fall in love again I’d jump at the chance. I’m not someone to be deterred by a challenge. I love my friends for wanting to protect me. But what makes them so sure it would end up badly? Instead of focusing on the what if she gets her heart broken again, I wish they could focus on the what if it worked out happily ever after?!
I believe I am worthy of a happy ever ending, I believe I deserve to be loved by a guy I fall in love with. Yes the probability of Chord ever falling in love with me, or spending any real time with me is low. But I have been one to beat the odds! 😉

There is magic in the possibility and I urge all of you to not guard your heart so ferociously that you miss the opportunity before you.
Besides (in case you’re wondering) I like Chord not only for his beautiful body, Brad Pitt would be jealous of, and oh my goodness his arms, his jaw, his eyes; drool worthy. But I like him also for his sweet nature, how he always wears a smile. how he’s from the south, from a big family with sisters called Summer and Skye, how gentlemanly he is, how he has a dog and loves to read and dance (Do you know how many straight guys there are that love to dance?!! Not many!) and he has a beautiful voice. At the very least I’d love to have coffee with him, I’d love to get to know someone like that. The fact that those qualities exist in a guy and I’m attracted to them, gives me hope. That even though I may not end up with Chord, I’ll end up with someone pretty special. But what’s to say he doesn’t fall madly in love with me the moment he sees me. I am pretty special too!
Sweet dreaming folks!!!!!

– The future Possible Ms Chord Overstreet 😉

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