Best Intentions.

Intentions are funny, especially when they concern other people. Most have good intentions but they get all dirty and messed up when we ‘try’, we mix up our own rules and try to fix the other person with our own problems.

My uncle went away for the weekend so he asked me to look after his pet. Now I have done this many many many times over the years, more times than I can remember. Yet my uncle decided to worry and fret and go through everything as if this was my first time. Even though this was a tad annoying and demeaning, I ignored it, it just beng information about him. I was fine I had no worriess or problems I know I’m completely and utterly capable of looking after his animal, more than  confident about it. History told me I had nothing to worry about. It was all in his head.

So I got on with it and I’m doing great, looking after animals is in my nature, it makes sense to me. But then my uncle’s friend rang me in the morning worrying about the pet and if I could stick around the house so she could drop by and borrow the key to get it cut, that was fine, just another bit annoying. Never before has she rang me to worry about this dog. never before has she needed to. So then I stuck around in the house waiting for her for hours, trying to take my mind off it, with creative artistic things and nobody showed.

Eventually I texted her to say I needed to go to do grocery shopping but I wouldn’t be long if she called. And she replied that she had just left and that the dog was fine. I know the dogb was fine, and if she had a key why on earth did she want mine? And if she was going to mind the dog why on earth did the owner ask me? It frustrated me enough, how dare these people think I’m not capable or able and that I need supervision. Seriously, I want to scream! Especially when I just received a text saying and I quote: “Hi. C. R u letn in the cat 2nite?” Firstly, my name is not C, its Ciara, secondly text-speak really annoys me, and thirdly, what the heck are you asking me that for. ‘OF FREAKING COURSE I AM!’ So of course I didn’t say that, I answered back with a simple yes, thinking I did not need to give her a time, or explanation or report on it, in fact it really was none of her freaking business.

I’m 23 years old, I don’t need to be treated like a child, I’m mad, mad at the dog’s owner, mad at his friend who then replied: “Grand. Txt u tmw” WHY??!!!! Why does she have to text me tomorrow??!!! It frustrates me so much even though I know both of them have good intentions, it’s so insulting and annoying, I feel disrespected.

What gets me even more is that they don’t care about me, or my feelings or how I’m doing, just the bloody dog who is absolutely fine yet oblivious to all this unneccessary worry surrounding her.

So I just went over to let that dog in and what did I find?!!!!….Hold on I need some music to calm my spirit, okay so, an empty biscuit packet on the table, crumbs all over the table, the mail I had neatly stacked in a pile disturbed, and the milk carton just sitting probably spoilt with the sun from today! I let the dog in, gathered my wits and cleaned up after the mess. This friend now REALLY pissing me off! Mad, I tell you, mad!

At least I’m confident in me. It’s interesting how we can judge people through good intentional goggles. Feel sorry for them, feel the need to protect them. Maybe it’s time to look at people with our eyes open unconditionally. Change the story you have written about them. I know I did that recently and it has bettered my life, because now I can see the person for their true blue self. Russel Brand was a guy who went against all my rules and regulations, all the stories I had told me not to like him, but when I started questioning these rules, these stories, I saw him for him and now I not only admire him, I respect him. Without judgement is the only way to respect people and then maybe we could see ourselves unconditionally, you’ll be surprised to realize just how beautiful and capable those around you and you are!

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