Powerful Am I.

I’m sitting here on the evening of the day, writing. Which makes this moment such a moment! The amount of time, wasted, I spent before writing, listening to the insecurities was just ridiculous. Adhering to the doubtful voice, the mean voice, believing it without question. I find it sat that I can put myself down so easily and lifting myself up becomes the struggle. I find it so habitual and unmediated to compare myself, my worth, my dreams and my passion and see them as less then.
I love to write, I love the feeling I get from free flowing writing. I am in love with words and the power they have when I string them together. Yet I dawdle and distract myself away from my play because of my thoughts and how much power I give to them instead of the joy.
I don’t spend the time to question these thoughts, I just let them govern my life, living a damaged personal truth.
I can and am able to live moment by moment, CHOOSING a different thought pattern to live my authentic self. How am I meant to give of myself when I don’t think its worth sharing? That’s just phishposh. Of COURSE! It’s worth sharing!
I am God-made and Godsent, I am part of this Universe and have a life to live. Witholding my power, my gifts, my joy while I’m on this earth is just selfish.
I can not permit myself to be like that anymore. I am capable, I am able, and I am powerful.
I live in such a beautiful, magical world it would be but a shame to waste it. Time to step into the magic, time to believe in the power that’s all around me, time to believe in my own power and time to believe in myself.

The sky is a beautiful mix of watery blue and icecream coloured clouds dotted with heavy fluffy rainclouds but it is all very still.
My breath is the loudest noise here which is refreshing and I find myself not hungry for food but starving for life. There is a stillness in my being. I am now open and ready. I am not busy with the world around me, but a willing participant in it.

I now am ready for the magic of the possibility and for opportunities. I am open to the syncronisty of the universe. It is now flowing through me as one whole. What fun my adventure is! How exciting my journey will be and has been.
The rainclouds have now dutifully departed, funny what thinking can do!

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